About Us

Rich Mentality Tresses is a brand created to help women grow mentally and physically. We believe in women visualizing their best selves and showing up as her. We help women enhance their confidence & maintain their appearance by providing them with luxury extensions and products needed to achieve their desired look. When you feel rich and look rich, you attract rich things ✨.  Give a girl the right hair, she can conquer the world 🌻.


Ambitious Dessi, as a former stylist, understands the amount of power hair has on a woman’s confidence. The thing she loves most is seeing women sit down feeling one way, and get up feeling completely unstoppable! You should feel that way all the time. When you look your best, you feel at your best & I want to be apart of why you conquer the world. What better way to say I’m here world, than with some bomb ass tresses? SHOP NOW❕❕