Tresses Tips & Care

Co-wash hair at least 1x a week with natural hydrating/moisturizing conditioner to maintain luxury.
Wash hair at least 2x a month using sulfate and alcohol free cleansers..
ALWAYS detangle hair before wash. 
Do not scrunch, massage or ball up Tresses to avoid tangling.
Wash hair in a downward motion using warm/cool water. Avoid hot water.
Make sure to thoroughly rinse all product out of hair to prevent weighed down hair.
Let your hair air dry, if possible. 
If needed to blowdry; do it on cool setting.
Limit amount of products used on hair.
Don’t need much but heat protectant.
Wrap hair in satin bonnet or scarf at night.
Avoid using wig brush on hair. Detangle using wide tooth comb.
ALWAYS detangle from tips to roots. Causes less tangles moving from downward up.
Do not use gel, mousse, or any product containing alcohol and other harmful products on hair.
Braid or twist hair at night.
Limit cutting wefts as this causes excess shedding
Get hair professionally dyed!